Nessler on UGA QBs: "It's a situation not a controversy"

Dukes & Bell
October 12, 2018 - 5:32 pm

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 Brad Nessler joined Dukes & Bell to  preview the UGA-LSU game on Saturday at 3:30ET, Nessler talked about UGA”s season thus far “They haven’t had to do anything so far, but it’s all coming tomorrow, from this point on all stops will be pulled out for this team. Their fans are seeing 43 points a game scored, and only giving up 13 and they are telling me they aren’t playing very well.”

Brad talked with the guys about what the Dawgs can expect when they roll in to Death Valley tomorrow afternoon “It’s a little bit different at night than the afternoon, set 103k people, a whole day of partying, then pack them into a stadium, they have the place shaking and it’s something that’s just hard to explain.”

 Nessler told the guys he got a chance to meet with LSU QB Joe Burrow today and told them about it “We talked to Burrow about the pick six, it was a pretty good ball the Florida player just made a great play, if that doesn’t happen who knows they might go down the field, score and win the game.”

Nessler continued on Burrow “He made them against Auburn when they had to have them, he knows he can do it and has to do it, he’s all business, he told us all he does is practice, watch film and go home. Jefferson is his favorite guy so the matchup I’ll be watching is Deandre Baker vs Jefferson.”

 When asked about the Georgia Quarterback ‘controversy’ “We don’t call it a controversy we call it a situation and it’s working for them, it’s Jake’s team, but when Justin comes in there the team rallys behind him, if for some reason Georgia’s run game gets shut down we’re going to see Justin Fields.”