Greg Sankey:"We Might Come Back To Atlanta But It's Not In Stone"

Dukes & Bell
July 16, 2018 - 7:06 pm

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6:21 – SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey joined Dukes and Bell live from SEC Media days, and told the guys why the city is Special to the SEC “The first ever official meeting of the SEC was right here in Atlanta at the Biltmore building so Atlanta is a special place.”

 The guys asked the Commissioner if the conference will be able to get ahead of gambling being legalized, “I’m not sure we can get ahead of the issue, there has been gambling around sports for years so now that we have more states adopting it will change the culture and we have to change our level of attention. In college sports there are more touch points than in pro, there are different issues we’re learning to manage and this is a new reality upon us.”

   When asked about the possibility of Alcohol sales being conference wide in stadiums, Sankey told the guys “We have one that says we don’t have it in the general seating areas, it’s a decades old policy which a majority has comfort with it. I think there’s a willingness to adjust, there is more alcohol availability now than there every has been and will continue to be a part of the dialogue.”

   Carl asked Commissioner Sankey why the conference hasn’t gone to 9 conference games like a few other of the major conferences, Greg told the guys “We control nine games from a conference standpoint already, it’s just those are non-conference power 5 opponents. Why just 8 conference? It’s home and away balance, it’s balancing the schedule thru the year for our fans, we’re really strategic with what we do. I think the SEC schedule is uniquely rigorous, nobody has that rigor built into their schedule like we do.”