Emerson: Fans deceived by UGA final scores; 'Eye test told me something was amiss'

Dukes & Bell
October 16, 2018 - 3:49 pm

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Seth Emerson joined Dukes & Bell on Tuesday and talked about Justin Fields not attempting any passes against LSU.

“They were options, and didn’t look like one to pass," said Emerson. "I saw him handing off or carrying them. I think everyone wants to know why he isn’t being given an opportunity to pass. But they seem to be more run options, where as Fromm gets a real run-pass option.”

Emerson continued on Fields' playing time...

“They put them in the game at points where you can’t be married to a plan," said Emerson. "He’s not going in on the third series of the game, he’s going in at times where you can’t map it out, with score and such. I will say they scored their first touchdown and Fields ran the option really well and they scored on one. With the bye week, I think Todd Grantham and Florida are going to be trying to figure out what they are doing with this, which is why I think they won’t give us anything concrete.”

When asked if he was surprised about how the LSU dominated UGA at the line of scrimmage...

“The offensive side was a little bit surprising," said Emerson. "They were able to move the ball well. It kind of just got back to did they not feed Holyfield and Swift enough. The other side was would LSU be good enough to expose them, because they haven’t been very good there. LSU did something that other teams have not done, they kept attacking the middle of the defense, which wore them down, they flipped the script on Georgia.”

Emerson told the guys his thoughts on the fake field goal and how it’s easy to second guess it after the fact.

“I see where they thought it was there," said Emerson. "But there was a great indivual play by Delpit who sniffed it out. He got out there made a great play, slowed him down and then the team swarmed him for a 2-yard loss, which begs the question why did you do that against a team who plays so many first-string guys on special teams. It was a part of the plan. They saw something there and was going to run it, and then they did on their first field goal attempt, so I think it would have been better to do it the second field goal attempt but it’s easy to second guess.”

Emerson talked about the final score in games this year maybe being deceiving.

“I think people had been deceived by the final scores," said Emerson. "I wrote they slogged thru the Tennessee game and people asked how I could say that, and I said because it was a 12-point game in the fourth quarter. Some of these scores were a little bit deceiving and the eye test told me something was amiss.”