Seth Harp from Sports Radio 930 in Jacksonville joins Jason Marks to talk about the Jaguars and tragedy in Jacksonville

Jason Marks
August 27, 2018 - 12:01 am

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Seth Harp from Sports Radio 930 in Jacksonville joined Jason Marks to review the Saturday night Falcons/Jags game. Before they got around to talk about the game, they talked about the tragedy that occurred in Jacksonville today during an eSports competition. David Katz took being a sore loser to the extremes after losing in Madden, he fatally shot two others then himself. After talking about tragedy they switched over to football. Marqise Lee was injured during the game and Seth thinks that it maybe his ACL or MCL by the way he landed but is unsure. He also thinks that the Falcons are a true contender but have to play that way at  all times or they will suffer a lost to a good team.