Is Dan Quinn a top 10 NFL head coach?

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
May 03, 2019 - 7:28 am

On Friday morning John Fricke and Hugh Douglas found an article that ranks NFL Head Coaches, and they find Dan Quinn ranked 9th. Fricke asks Hugh if he agrees and thinks that Dan Quinn is a top ten coach.

"I do. I look at these rankings and I'm surprised where they have them. It's easy to rank young coaches and rank them at the bottom, but it gets dicey towards the top."

Hugh also questions if some of the top 5 should even be ahead of Quinn.

"We know Coach Belichick is the cream of the top, but some guys, like McVay, are ranked on one-hit wonders. You look at some of the other coaches, who have a body of work, I think they should be in front of him"

John Fricke also agrees with the ranking, but feels Quinn has a real chance to prove it this year.

"I think he is a top ten coach. We'll find out this year just how good he really is," Frick said. "If he really is one of the top ten coaches in the NFL, this team wins at least 10 games this year"

Not all of the listeners are as nice as John and Hugh on this ranking: