Should Julio be highest paid NFL WR?

Dukes & Bell
March 22, 2019 - 5:44 pm

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Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons are reportedly close to a new deal, which will get the star wide receiver paid reportedly around $20 million a year. The guys talked about what the ramifications from paying Jones this type of money and should he be the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

Mike talked about how the money will break down in this reported deal.

“The one thing people don’t truly appreciate here is the negotiating for Matt, Grady, Julio is all done by the same people.” Bell said “Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report is saying Julio will get $20 million a year over four or five, with around $50-60 million in guarantees.”

Randy said that Julio Jones has earned the right to be paid like the best wide receiver in the league.

“We knew this was going to happen eventually, they promised him, he went out and did his thing and now they are going to pay him.” McMichael said “It makes sense to be the highest paid guy, you got receivers who aren’t on his level think they’re going to get what Julio makes, Michael Thomas is good but he’s not Julio Jones.”