Should Power 5 teams only play other Power 5 teams?

The Jon Chuckery Show
May 14, 2018 - 1:06 pm

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Jon Chuckery and Randy McMichael discuss college football on Sunday. The duo tackle the future of the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry (3:30), the potential of UGA and Clemson playing annually (6:20), and if Power 5 teams should only play other Power 5 teams out of conference (7:40).

"The last thing that college football needs is less rivalry games right now," said Chuckery, who went on to ask how the Yallow Jackets and Bulldogs couldn't play every year, especially when the Governor of Texas is working to get Texas-Texas A&M sparked back up again.

"Why can't you play a Power 5 team from another conference to start the season," McMichael asked when talking abou this desire to have UGA and Clemson play every year. Chuckery agrees and said all the kickoff games have been great for college football.

Chuckery dispels the notion that Power 5 teams should only play other Power 5 teams. 

Listen below to hear the entire conversation.