Bream: Braves have 'as good a chance of winning as anybody else'

Jeff Benedict
September 18, 2018 - 11:28 pm

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Braves legend Sid Bream​ joins Jeff Benedict and talks about his time with the Braves outside of his famous slide, what the 1991 team was like as they made a push for the playoffs, when he knew his Braves teams were playoff bound, and what the difference is between the regular season and the playoffs, adding "In all truthfulness there isn't any difference, the thing they need to do is just go out and continue to do what they've done all season.”

Sid also speaks about being a teammate of Barry Bonds, if the lack of playoff experience benefits the team stating, stating “who is hot and how is not going into the playoffs, if they're playing good baseball they have just as good a chance of winning as anybody else"

Sid closes by discussing how he would set a playoff rotation, and who he thinks are the favorites heading into the playoffs.