Is the sixth inning the key to Braves success?

Dukes & Bell
July 16, 2019 - 5:50 pm

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The Braves are red-hot coming off of the All-Star break, as they won their fifth straight game on Monday night in Milwaukee. Dukes & Bell talked about what the team has done late in games, and is the six inning the key to the Braves success?

Carl talked about what this team has done from the six inning on.

“This is how you win big in Major league baseball.” Dukes said “You score runs late, we’ve got 185 runs after the six innings, that’s second in the majors behind Boston, we’re the only NL team in the top 5. So when you start talking about why we are winning these games, late in games we play better.”

Mike said that offensive production has never been the issue.

“When you have a guy like Austin Riley batting in the eight spot, you know you’re lineup is deep.” Bell said “The only thing we have to do know is figure out how you make a trade to make this team even deeper, offense has never been the problem for this time.”