McMurphy: Ego put Urban Meyer in this position

Dukes & Bell
December 04, 2018 - 4:58 pm

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Brett McMurphy joined Dukes & Bell on Tuesday and told the guys he expected in August that Urban Meyer would leave Ohio State at season's end.

“I remember saying back in August I thought this would be Urban Meyer’s final year coaching with Ohio State," said McMurphy. "His body language looked worn out and tired, plus I think he realized his president wasn’t 100 percent behind him. He was obviously planting a seed with all the health updates during the season, I had been told behind the scenes he would be stepping away about a month ago.”

McMurphy told the guys he doesn’t expect Meyer to ever give the NFL a try.

“I think he’s more suited for college," said McMurphy. "I don’t think his coaching style would resonate in the NFL. He said he was fairly certain he would be done. I think he will take a year off and then he could pop up at a USC, Auburn, FSU, schools that you can win a National Title at. I think it could intrigue him enough to bring him back.”

McMurphy told the guys he has not spoken to Meyer since Big Ten media days in August.

“I have not spoken with him," said McMurphy. "The last time we spoke was at Big Ten media days. He was asked nine times about Zach Smith; the next day they fired Smith. I asked him the ninth question and that was the last time I spoke to him. I reached out to him a month ago about a story and was told he would not speak to me.”

McMurphy said he absolutely believes Shelley Meyer told Urban about the allegations made by Courtney Smith.

“Yes I do, because Urban has talked about every year he’s been a Head Coach how much Shelley means to him, they are very close and share everything," said McMurphy. "They counseled Courtney and Zach Smith back in 2009 when Smith was arrested for domestic violence, and so when it happens again he suddenly has nothing to do with it?”

When asked how Meyer will be remembered...

“I think it depends on if you’re an Urban Meyer fan," said McMurphy. "If so, you will only talk about the on-the-field stuff. If not you will look at the issues at Florida, now the Zach Smith stuff at Ohio State and he will be probably be remembered much like Woody Hayes where people remember him more for socking a Clemson player on the sidelines.”