Sugar Bowl DOES Matter for Dawgs

Thomas Mott
January 01, 2020 - 1:11 pm
Jake Fromm

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I’ve got a bone to pick with every single Georgia fan today. I’m serious…I’m not happy.  

Why am I the only one who seems to think that tonight’s Sugar Bowl versus Baylor is extremely important and Georgia has to show up and dominate?

Let me first go back before we go forward. Preseason, you told me that this Georgia team was the only real competition for Alabama and Clemson, who were above and beyond the two favorites going into this season.

That take started to fade pretty early on once we saw Georgia struggle against bad teams. So then you then told me that Jake Fromm was an elite college football quarterback who only needs better play calling to reveal his true stardom.

Likewise, that take started to fade once Fromm threw three bad INTs in a loss to unranked USC.

(SO THEN) You then told me that this defense was the best in the country and would easily carry the Dawgs to the Playoff until LSU and Joe Burrow dismantled them for four quarters in the SEC Championship game right in front of our eyes at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Now, the new narrative that Georgia fans have legit been telling me for weeks is that UGA does not want to be in the Sugar Bowl and that they’ll probably lose to Baylor, but it doesn’t matter because they have starters not playing and don’t really want to be there.

STOOOOP the madness. Please.

I put up with everyone saying UGA was a top-3 team preseason. I put up with the idea that Jake Fromm might actually be good. I put up with the idea that the UGA defense was the best in the country.

I will not put up with this idea that tonight’s Sugar Bowl against lowly Baylor does not matter.

Yes, It Does.

Think about this. You know what will start to happen if Georgia loses tonight?

Georgia will start to look like that annoying little kid you pass in the grocery store who’s throwing a tantrum because his mom is buying apples instead of ice cream.

Like are we suddenly a fan base that every year Georgia misses out on the national championship game are we are just going to pout about it and not care about the “lesser” Bowl Game they end up in?

Tonight is the Sugar Bowl folk Not the Cheeseit Bowl! Tonight matters! The National Championship game was three years ago now. Just because you made it there with Jake Fromm does not mean you deserve to go back every single year.

I know you have starters resting for the NFL. I know you wish you were playing LSU again in the Natty. But you have a chance to avenge your horrific performance in the Sugar Bowl last year with a win against a Baylor squad you are 100 percent better then.

Oh and let’s not forget that Baylor has a QB coming off a terrible concussion, a head coach who’s been a mega distraction this week with NFL coaching rumors and a team in general that couldn’t beat Oklahoma twice this year.

Enough with this idea that its Natty or nothing. You can start talking like that when you’ve won a national championship game more recently than 1980.

Win tonight. Beat the second best team in the Big 12. Play with pride.