10 Min. Tailgate Tour Ep. 104: Researched and Vetted Hangover Cures

Mark Owens
January 24, 2019 - 10:33 am

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Mark is back with episode 104 of the 10 Min. Tailgate Tour. 

This week we cover a little about UGA football and a lot about drinking and recovering from it. 

- One man has spent 10 years researching the typical hangover and his results on how to prevent/cure are surprising. 

- The biggest SB parties in Atlanta and why they are not meant for you or me. 

- Why you hear "The Big Game" so much instead of Super Bowl.

- If you like old school country music, one emerging artist will take you back to a pre-clap track sound. 

- What are the drunkest cities in America and where you can get a boozy scoop of Ice Cream in Atlanta. 

Click below to hear all that plus more in this weeks 10 Min. Tailgate Tour.