The Dream Offseason for the Atlanta Falcons

Thomas Mott
March 10, 2020 - 2:13 am

 There are 3 very simple steps that the Atlanta Falcons can follow to have a very productive offseason.  Thomas lays them out below.

  1. Since signing his mega-deal in 2017, Freeman has not posted a 1,000 yard season since. He averaged 3.6ypc in 2019. Falcons can save $3.0 million in cap space if they were to cut or trade him before June first. Releasing Freeman just makes too much sense. Take one of your 2, second round picks and go get a younger and better back.
  2. Let Austin Hooper walk. We’ve talked about this, Hooper is going to cost $10+ million a year and just isn’t that important of a piece on this Falcons team. Sure, I love that he’s a homegrown talent and that he’s been durable and dependable but this is not a league that requires you have a top tight end and I’d rather not spend $10+ million a year on a the third receiving option in this offense behind Julio and Ridley.
  3. Sign a good, but cheap, pass rusher in free agency. Alright, so the last two moves area bout freeing up cap space and now we put it to good use. Dante Fowler, Robert Quinn and Jason Pierre-Paul all had more sacks than Vic Beasley last year and will all cost way less than the $12.5 million you paid Vic last year. This is a no brainer, go and get one of these guys and bolster that front four.

 The Falcons are in a bad spot with regards to the Cap right now.  But, these 3 very simple moves can free-up $10-15 million to allow you to sign a pass-rusher in FA.  Following these steps would instantly make the Falcons better, and put them on the path to return to the playoffs next season.