Three Taverns Brews Inspirational 'Bright Day Coming'

This Weekend in Atlanta Beer

Knox Bardeen
July 17, 2020 - 1:24 pm
Bright Day Coming Three Taverns Brewing

Photo: Three Taverns Brewing


Drinking beer makes you feel good. That’s pretty much the way our relationship with beer has always been defined. That said, a local Decatur brewery just launched a beer to change that definition a bit.

Bright Day Coming is the newest release from Three Taverns Brewing and is a push forward in the arena of local and national collaboration beers for a cause like "All Together," a worldwide collab made to support hospitality professionals hurt by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Brian Purcell, Founder and CEO of Three Taverns, said the brewery had been planning to add a lower ABV IPA to their year-round lineup for some time, but the pandemic put those plans on hold. They wanted to participate in crafting a beer for a cause and then realized they could move forward with their new beer at the same time.

Friends with recording artist Marc Scibilia, Purcell stumbled across an old song called "Bright Day Coming" and inspiration hit.

"It is an uplifting song with lyrics that encourage faith and hope for a bright day to come when times are hard and spirits are down," Purcell said. "The song lifted my spirit and inspired hope that this dark time would eventually end and give way to a brighter day. While a beer name and label doesn’t have the same power as music to lift the spirit, I wanted to do the best we could to send the same message of hope."

Three Taverns didn't stop with a message of hope, they're looking to make a real difference.

Big believers in the Giving Kitchen, Purcell says Three Taverns will donate all initial proceeds to the nonprofit.

"They provide emergency support to food service workers, and we’ve witnessed first-hand the impact their efforts have had on our customer’s lives," Purcell said. "During COVID-19 they have provided almost $300K in support to 177 food service workers in crisis. It was natural that we would want to donate the proceeds from this beer to support their cause."

Bright Day Coming is here to stay. Added to Three Taverns' full-time lineup, you'll be able to enjoy this 5.5% IPA for a long time. The message of hope will inspire even after we're past the pandemic.

"In this life we will continue to have times of trouble," the brewery's CEO said. "And we need constant reminding to persevere and hope in better days to come."

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