Time to drop the 'In Brotherhood' motto

The Midday Show
June 12, 2018 - 11:00 am

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Tuesday on The Midday Show with Rick and John, they guys reacted to Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones not showing up for mandatory minicamp.

Rick is way in his feelings on Jones and called this an inopportune money grab. John believes Jones deserves more money, but not when he has three years left on his contract and so many players set to get paid by the Falcons after waiting their turn.

John stressed that the Falcons should not cave and pay Jones with three years left on his deal because your window to win in the NFL is very small to succeed. Rick said he would listen to trade offers from other teams in regard to the All-Pro receiver.

Rick also said the word "Brotherhood" should never be used again because the face of your team has shown he is in it for himself.