Tom Crean on in-state hoops recruiting: 'There's so much here'

Dukes & Bell
March 27, 2018 - 9:47 am
Tom Crean

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New Georgia head basketball coach Tom Crean joined Dukes & Bell on Monday to talk about his first few days on the job and the state of recruiting here in Georgia.

“There’s so much here, and to be able to recruit from this area should be great,” Crean said. “We got the job and hit the ground running, recruiting your current team is the first priority.  I’ve also been on the road and we’ve got to add a guy or two, because there’s 8,000 things to do and I’ve only been able to do 4,000 of them.  I’ve missed the work and to see guys stopping by the arena to shoot at 10:30 at night, has been impressive.” 

About his background, and what he’s looking forward to at UGA: 

“I’ve been around big coaches and programs, and this will be easy (in terms of taking advantage of the Bulldogs athletic program).  I want to emulate what they’re doing here in football.  I’m talking to people on the support staff and that’s what we want to build (with what’s going on with the football program). I’m into everything around here now.  I don’t look at it like it’s a football school.  This is the University of Georgia and this is a powerful school…it’s all here.” 

Crean said they should be making some announcements regarding the staff soon, and he really likes Jonas Hayes. “We’ve spent a lot of time together," said Crean. "He’s a big part of that, and we expect to make some announcements soon.” 

On the cooling off period, should it change (in reference to the Leonard Hamilton situation)?

“It’s all of that, said the new UGA coach. "There’s never enough time, and there’s been time when I’ve made those mistakes.  Putting the coach back into perspective helps.  In that situation, he may not have had a chance to go back and look at things.” 

In addition to talking about Dwyane Wade’s years at Marquette, Crean said he picked Villanova at the beginning of the tournament and he’s sticking with them.