Top 5 preseason NFL MVP picks

Thomas Mott
July 21, 2019 - 11:32 pm

Dale Zanine


The 2019 NFL preseason schedule is about two weeks away and rabid football fans can barely contain themselves when it comes to talking about football.

Sunday night our very own Thomas "Hot take" Mott gave his preseason top-five picks for NFL MVP. Thomas did not disappoint with his opinion on who would be in the running and why. 

Mott ultimately picked that "Bad man" in Green Bay Aaron Rodgers to win the coveted award. He did, however, give honorable mention to Atlanta's own Matt Ryan.

Listen to the segment from Ready or Mott and you be the judge. 

5) Baker Mayfield

4) Matt Ryan

3) Carson Wentz

2) Andrew Luck

1) Aaron Rodgers