Training with Kobe NOT a good thing for Trae Young

Thomas Mott
August 07, 2019 - 2:16 am

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Ready or Mott host, Thomas Mott, has some concerns with Trae Young training in the offseason with Kobe Bryant.  Alerted to the celebrity training via an article on The Athletic by Chris Kirschner, Thomas raises some questions about Young's choice of training partner.

"I'm not here to say that Kobe is teaching Trae bad things...we do have Jason Tatum," Mott said.

Jason Tatum got worse after working with Kobe.

Now, you can quickly complain that the Boston Celtics are different, and Tatum went from no Kyrie to having to deal with ball-hog, Kyrie. That’s fine. But the fact of the matter is, Tatum got worse in Field Goal Percentage, 3-point percentage and turnovers. Remember, Tatum had an excellent end to his rookie year, much like Trae Young.

Young is gaining weight and working on his mid-range shot.

Working out with Kobe does not mean anything. Maybe it helps. Maybe it doesn't. The real story here is the weight gain.

  1. How much of that weight is sustainable, because 15 pounds in a couple of months is tough. We always talk about “laying weight,” let's see how much he weighs when he’s 35 games into the season.
  2. If the weight is real, could this help his defending? Maybe not get pushed around so much?

"I'm not saying this will happen with Trae Young," said Thomas. "But all of this has yet to be determined. Kobe Bryant and Trae Young's games are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Let's remember, it's really not that exciting.

When young players work with Kobe Bryant they don't get better they get worse."