Tucker Brewing Brings Back Uber-Popular Radler

Knox Bardeen
June 26, 2020 - 2:18 pm
Tucker Brewing Roaring Twenties Radler

Photo Credit: Knox Bardeen/RADIO.COM


For fans of the Roaring Twenties Radler from Tucker Brewing Company, there's good news and bad.

Starting with the bad: The first batch of this Helles lager with fresh-squeezed lemonade vanished from the tap room fast, like bonkers fast.

The good: Folks are going to get another chance to taste this popular brew, really soon.

When asked why Tucker Brewing is bringing back the Roaring Twenties Radler, Head Brewmaster Tucker Eagleson simply answered "Just the fact that we sold out before summer actually started," as an obvious reason.

Tucker Brewing produced this radler in hopes that it would quench the thirst of guests through the summer months. Instead, it was gone in 21 days.

"We were hoping to sell out by August," Director of Marketing and Community Development Eliana Barnard said. "We launched it May 1 and it was out before the end of May, three weeks into May."

Fans were crushed. From comments on the brewery's social media claiming tears of sadness to stark realizations that the supply had run out, it was clear people who got ahold of the first batch weren't ready for the end.

Toying with fans a little, Tucker Brewing asked if they should make another batch. The response was overwhelming. "People are addicted," Barnard joked.

Of course there was a plan already in place for a second batch. It was an easy decision. But maybe it shouldn't have been so easy.

The amount of work that goes in the Roaring Twenties Radler is excruciating, but rewarding.

Eagleson said the brewery burned through five pallets of lemons to add into the brew. While that already sounds like a lot of work, take into account the brewers hand-juiced them all in house on a juicer the size of a small vending machine.

The process took an entire week as the machine took each lemon individually, sliced in in half, and juiced it into a reservoir which was then transferred into a 5-gallon jug that was stored in a walk-in cooler. The process yielded 23 jugs of lemon juice. All were added into the new batch.

"I’m not sure a lot of breweries would go through the amount of this work," Eagleson said. "Brewers tend to pride themselves on being super-efficient with things. I wouldn’t say this is the most efficient way of going about our business. But, with regards to taste, I think it’s up there."

Area businesses loved the process, though. The office park next to the brewery commented all week during juicing about how great the area smelled.

Fans will get to advance past smelling the lemons to actually tasting the beer soon. Pre-orders have already started and the tap room will start pouring the Roaring Twenties Radler on Sunday.

In addition to the radler from Tucker Brewing, there are a number of other new brews to taste around Atlanta this weekend:


  • Wild Heaven has two pieces of new beer news. The first is their regular Friday release. Today’s is an Imperial Milk Stout called Fig Branca. It clocks in at 10% and has lactose, cocoa nibs, and Fernet-marinated figs. It’s ready at both the Avondale and West End locations. The second is a beer specially made for Superica Tex Mex called Super Rica. The new house beer is a Vienna Lager with Guajillo peppers. It’ll be available at locations in Atlanta and Nashville.
  • Smoothie Supernova is now available from Wild Leap Brew Company. It’s a 5.5% raspberry lemonade ale and it’s only available in LaGrange. It’s the brewery’s first-ever taproom only release.
  • Speaking of two-fers, Orpheus Brewing has two new offerings. Abandon All Hope makes its return Friday. It’s a 13% imperial stout aged for over two years in bourbon and rye barrels with vanilla beans. Inertiatic is a 5.5% dragonfruit and mango sour limited release.
  • Reformation is releasing Bomb Pop Sour on Friday. It’s a 4.5% collab with Odd Story Brewing in Chattanooga and has cherry, lime, and raspberry.
  • It’s that time of year when refreshing fruit makes things so much better. Cherry Street announced their annual release of Summer Fling, a 4.8% watermelon blonde ale.
  • One of my favorite Pontoon Brewing offerings is back. The Most Humble Pie is a raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla kettle sour that will drop again on Saturday.
  • Halfway Crooks, in conjunction with Burial Beer in Asheville, N.C., is releasing double dry hopped Control Data on Friday. You’re going to get plenty of pineapple, mango, and passionfruit in this IPA.


  • Monday Night Brewing is donating 20 percent of their Hop Hut profits to PAWKids, a child enrichment non-profit on the Westside of Atlanta that's currently providing over 1,000 meals per month to vulnerable families. And speaking of Monday Night, another batch of Cardigans of the Galaxy (another personal favorite) double IPA is available Friday. When you pick that up, buy something from the Hop Hut series and support PAWKids.
  • First Responders should head over to Revival Hall on Saturday. Between noon and 3 p.m. they’ll give away 200 growlers of Thank You Note IPA from Slow Pour Brewing.