Plus: Tiger Effect Caputures Ratings.. And Rafael Nadal's attention

Wendy Adams
August 14, 2018 - 10:48 am

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Why not just use a cool towel?

Braves fans, you probably missed this due to the team's 15-2 domination in double-header action against the Miami Marlins yesterday. And also because of Ronald Acuña Jr.'s superstar, historic day. 

It was hot yesterday; after all, it is still summer in Atlanta. Usually, people try to stay cool with wet towels or cold clothes around their necks. Well, not Marlins first-base coach Perry Hill. He had a different way of keeping cool yesterday:

That's right. Lettuce is the new "cool towel"... Any odd ways you have in order to stay cool?

The Tiger Effect Boosts Ratings... Just ask Rafael Nadal

The final round of the PGA Championship saw an increase of 69% from last year. Tiger Woods was competitive until the very end but fell two short to eventual winner Brooks Koepka. These are the highest final round ratings since 2009 when Woods, again, finished runner up to Y.E. Yang.

While the general public was wowed and awed with what Tiger was able to do over the weekend, superstars were also keeping up with the scoreboard. Including tennis star Rafael Nadal. Moments after Nadal won the Rogers Cup finals win, he's seen checking his phone. No, not for congratulatory texts but, rather, to get an update on where Woods was in the standings.