TWZ: Pasta Pass... for unlimited pasta for a year?!

Plus: Richie Incognito arrested at mortuary & beer mile runner DQ'd

Wendy Adams
August 22, 2018 - 11:26 am



Yearly unlimited Pasta Passes are here!

Just when I thought I couldn't love Olive Garden any more than I do, they go and do THIS:

Now, if you've never heard of the OG's Never Ending Pasta Pass, you've been missing out the past two years. It's a pass that you buy for $100 that let's you eat at Olive Garden as much as you want for eight weeks. That's as much unlimited pasta, breadsticks, soup and salad that you can handle!

And this year, they've added a pass that lasts an ENTIRE YEAR (September 24, 2018-September 22, 2019)! It's a freaking deal at only $300.

However, there will only be 23,000 eight-week passes and 1,000 year passes for sale. So you'll need to be ready by the time it goes live at 2 p.m. ET tomorrow. Check it out at:

Beer Mile Runs are real thing...

Who knew that beer mile runs were actually competitive and not just something you do for fun with your friends?

The Beer Mile World Classic is a competition where runners chug a 12-ounce beer at the beginning of every quarter mile.

Well one guy, named Corey Bellemore, set a new world-record time of 4:24. It's an impressive time if you're just running the mile by itself without stopping to drink a beer. For most of us, it would be a feat that would take at least 20 minutes, okay, maybe longer to do. 

However, officials have now disqualified Bellemore, and his world record time, because he left too much foam in his bottles. According to the rules, there's a 4-ounce limit of liquid that is allowed. Bellemore left approximately 4.5 ounces.

Well hey, there's always next year.

If you're curious about what the race looked like, check it out here:

Richie Incognito arrested in another bizarre incident

Richie Incognito was arrested at gunpoint at a mortuary in Arizona on Monday. The former NFL star was violent and incoherant, according to a police report, at the funeral home following the death of his father. 

He was booked for disorderly conduct and threatening/intimidating people. He spent the night in jail before being bailed out by his family. 

According to TMZ, cops searched Richie's truck and found multiple guns. One staffer also reported to the police that he "thought Richie Incognito was going to kill him."

This is another incident in a string of bizarre behaviors from Incognito. Back in May, he was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold after he was arrested for threatening a gym patron.