The Dawgs will throw the football a lot more this year

The Midday Show
August 27, 2018 - 11:49 am

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Chip Towers from Dawg Nation joined Rick and John on this week that CFB returns. They start on Austin Peay, “The final score will be whatever Kirby Smart wants it to be.” Towers went on to talk about how great of a story the Austin Peay football program is and all the transfers that have gotten from big programs over the year. Towers said, “You will see a lot of players play for Georgia on Saturday.”

On the running back situation, “De’Andre Swift is the heir apparent but this freshman James Cook has been all the rage in practice. Elijah Holyfield hasn’t missed a rep and he may get the start this weekend.”

Towers said, “The Dawgs will throw the football a lot more this year” because of Jake Fromm and others. When asked about the wide receiver pecking order Towers said, “I think it would be fool hardy to think that Demetrius Robertson won’t be part of the rotation.”

Towers on the O-line, “Between Kirby and Sam Pitman they have recruited the crap out of big offensive lineman.” Towers said, “The Dawgs are huge on the left side of the line.” Towers went on to say that several more 5 star O-line recruits are on their way.

When asked about the battle at inside linebacker Towers said, “Montee Rice is the heir apparent to Roquan Smith but more than anything you are seeing Tae Crowder, a former RB, getting a bunch of reps.” Towers said there will be some combination of the three or four guys the first week against Austin Peay. Towers also said no one can replace Roquan Smith.

On throwing to the Tight End Towers said, “Between Jim Chaney and the talent Georgia has accrued there they have to throw to the Tight End position more.” Towers said that the tight end’s primary job at UGA is to block.