United Opener Vs. Red Bulls Will Decide Group E

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
June 25, 2020 - 8:38 am

Atlanta United was drawn into Group E two weeks ago along with Cincinnati, Columbus, and New York Red Bulls. 

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Most analysts think this group will come down to the Red Bulls against United with a chance of both teams moving through.

While it would have been ideal for Atlanta United and the New York Red Bulls to meet up on the final matchday, that's not how it was set up when the schedule was released Wednesday.

With the two favorites meeting up in the first match of group play, the result of that game should go a long way to determining who wins Group E.

Atlanta United analyst Jason Longshore joined John and Hugh and spoke about the significance of a positive result in the opening game against Red Bulls. 

"Red Bulls off the jump, the only advantage is you know how they're going to play. But you would have loved to have seen them when they were a little more tired," explains Longshore. "If you start out well, get three points out of the gate it changes the way you think about the rest of the tournament."

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