Brian Jones: I'm Picking Florida To Win The East"

Dukes & Bell
July 16, 2018 - 6:28 pm

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CBS Sports College Football Analyst Brian Jones joined Dukes and Bell, the guys asked Brian how he ended up at UCLA to start his college career Brian told them “I’m from West Texas so I always wanted to be a Longhorn, so when I was coming out of college it was nuts so I go to UCLA on my recruiting trip and it’s 75 degrees in the winter time so I decided to go there, but the pull to go back was too strong and I’m a Longhorn.”

    When asked if Jimbo Fisher can get Texas A&M back to winning Jones said “I think they have some pieces there, its been baby steps there and I think Jimbo can go in there and straighten things out with his coaching acumen.”

    Carl told Brian he thinks that Ed Orgeron is on the hot seat and asked Brian if he agreed “He’s on the hot seat, finally though they may have a QB, I think this may be a tough one for them to swallow.”