Jake Fromm is a Honda Civic

Thomas Mott
October 16, 2019 - 12:21 am

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So Georgia lost on Saturday in double OT to unranked USC in what has become a tradition for the Dawgs under Kirby Smart and Jake Fromm’s watch.

Every year we seem to be due one bad game in the middle of the season that has a chance to hinder our title hopes.

Whether it’s 40-17 against Auburn in 2017, 36-16 against LSU in 2018 or USC this past week, over the past three years the Dawgs have never entered the SEC Title game undefeated.

Now Georgia fans have already placed the blame of Saturday’s loss on the play calling. Claiming that it’s “Offensive Coordinator James Coley’s fault for calling bad games”.

Really? That’s the scape goat we are choosing to go with when it comes to an abysmal loss to an unranked team in Athens?

Guys, did you watch Jake Fromm on Saturday? Did you watch some of those throws? Because I did and I can name a handful off the top of my head, most notably 2 of his 3 interceptions that were horrible.



Now, don’t just take my word for it. I’m just the only radio host in Atlanta who’s dumb enough to call out Georgia’s QB right?

Well I went backed and listened to Kirby Smart’s post-game press conference on Saturday and was shocked at what he attributed the loss to. Take a listen.





Kirby Immediately hit on the turnovers. Not play calling. Turnovers. Now who’s fault were the majority of those turnovers on Saturday? You guessed it, Jake Fromm.

Now, you still might not be convinced that it’s not play calling.

However, in the same press conference, a reporter asked Kirby Smart how he thought James Coley was doing this season as an offensive coordinator. Did Kirby throw him under the bus? Did he mention that play calling has been a problem? Nope.  Kirby completely side-stepped the question. Did not even answer it.

Here’s both my point and problem with Georgia fans’ blind defense of Jake Fromm.

He sea-saws from being an above average college QB to a below average college QB and yet no one wants to admit it.

Ask a UGA fan how good Fromm is and they’ll say he’s elite. Watch the film and look at the stats and they will tell you he’s not.

“But Thomas he’s been to a National Championship game and had a big win against Florida two years ago and almost beat Alabama twice”.

Yes, you’re right. Slightly above average QBs can do that in college football.

You can get to a Natty with Nick Marshall, and Everret Goldson and Jordan Jefferson and Darron Thomas

Especially with a great defense and great running game. I mean we are forgetting that Georgia has been the best rushing team in the SEC the past 2 years. But to win it you need the Elite QBs. Cam, Trevor, Tua, Watson.

Georgia fans act like when the Dawgs win, it’s only because of Jake Fromm and when the Dawgs lose, it’s someone else’s fault.

Now I’m not saying that all 5 of the Georgia losses since the 2017 Natty are ALL Jake’s fault. He’s been decent as average QBs can be.

But dating back to the 2017 Natty. Jake Fromm has thrown 9TDs and 8INTS in his 5 losses. That’s slightly above average folks.

But wait, its gets even worse. Listen to this. Jake Fromm has never won a game where he had to throw the ball more than 30 times. Like never in his entire career. However, in all of his last 5 losses, he’s thrown the ball more than 30 times including Saturday where he had to throw the ball 51 times in the loss to USC.

Teams want the ball in Jake Fromm’s hands a lot.

Teams are starting figured out how to beat Georgia because when UGA has lost with Jake Fromm at QB it’s the same defensive game plan over and over again.

 Load the box, stop D’Andre Swift, Nick Chub or Sony Michel from getting 200+ yards rushing, make Jake Fromm throw more than 30 times and poof, Georgia is beatable.

Could it possibly be that the real reason why Kirby Smart and James Coley call such a conservative game is because they have seen time and time again that the more they let Jake Fromm do the worse he performs?

 9TDS to 8INTS in his 5 losses, never won a game when throwing the ball more than 30 times. Basically zero vertical passing this year. Come on guys the numbers overwhelming scream that Jake Fromm is good but not great.


Okay okay, let me put this in laymen’s terms.

Jake Fromm is like a Honda Civic. Looks fine, runs great. Can get you from Point A to Point B. You can even put a cool spoiler on it and give it an upgraded muffler. However, in the end, put that Honda Civic in a drag race against a Mustang, or GTI or Porsche and it will lose every. Single. Time.

Jake Fromm is fine. He can win big games. But Saturday’s loss showed again why he’s a Honda Civic and not a Porsche.

Ill finish with a question for you. When you look at the top 5 teams in college football what does Alabama, LSU, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma all have in common? They all have a QB’s that are better than Jake Fromm.