Georgia Fans Should Have Seen This Coming

Thomas Mott
December 11, 2019 - 3:37 am
Georgia Bulldogs players watch the clock run down against the LSU Tigers during the second half in the 2019 SEC Championship Game

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Georgia... Georgia... Georgia... I tried to tell you for months that this UGA offense led by Honda Civic QB Jake Fromm was worrying me every time I watched them step onto the field.

Every week after a Georgia game I would come on the air and tell you guys congrats on the win. Then, I’d tell you how great your defense looked. But then I’d always throw in a warning about how, yet again, the offense struggled.

And instead of agreeing with me because you saw the same things I was seeing, many of you called me a Georgia hater and a radio clown.

Now listen, I don’t want to come on here and gloat about how I was right and Georgia fans were wrong. The city as a whole is still recovering from the 37-10 thumping at the hands of the Tigers.

But come on, when people are wrong I call them out. When they are right, I call them out.

The problem I have with Georgia fans this week is that they should have seen this coming.

The signs pointing to this embarrassment at Mercedes-Benz Stadium have been there every week.

I can go all the way back to Week 1 against Vandy to find the signs.

Fromm had 156 passing yards and 1TD against Vandy... Vandy!

Flash forward to Week 4 against Notre Dame and UGA was losing at halftime with Fromm again throwing for fewer than 200 yards.

Now I was finally proven right about Georgia’s offense in the 20-17 loss to USC. But even so, when I was concerned about the offense. You kept telling me it was fine.

Now, later on in the year the defense started showing signs of not being as good as we thought.

They never played a legit QB all year, yet still found a way to give up 14 points in the fourth quarter to Bo Nix and Auburn and nearly choaked the A&M game away late in that fourth quarter as well.

Yet even still, as my confidence continued to recede, all I heard last week leading into the SEC Championship game was that Joe Burrow hasn’t seen a defense this great. Only for the future Heisman Winner to throw four touchdowns and have multiple Heisman moments.

Listen, I get it, we were all very excited about the potential this Georgia team had going into the season.

But my goodness come on, the signs were there from the start. Georgia had an average QB, an average receiving corps and a slightly above average defense. They played average against average teams and eventually got beat up by an elite team with an elite QB and a much better defense.

Sports fans too often turn a blind eye to what is happening in front of them because they are emotionally involved. I have no emotional tie to Georgia. I’m from Texas.

Now, I was rooting for UGA. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never wished losses on the Dawgs. I know my audience. I want you to be happy.

However, and let me finish with this. Perhaps we in Georgia need to start doing a better job at watching with our eyes and not our hearts. The signs were they. You just chose to ignore them.