Wolken on Fields: This is life when you recruit at the highest level

Dukes & Bell
December 18, 2018 - 3:27 pm

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Dan Wolken joined Dukes & Bell and he talked about how transfers work these days “The way transfers happen now is a player goes to the school and says they would like to get put into the transfer portal, from that point the school has 2 business days to them in the portal and that portal is available to anyone in the country and they’re allowed to contact you, Fields notified Georgia on Friday and they have to put him in by the end of today and at that point he would be a free agent so to speak.”

Wolken talked to the guys about where Fields may land next “It’s a little early to say where he lands, when you’re a highly touted Quarterback clearly you have to look at Ohio State, you have to look at Oklahoma with Lincoln Riley having an opening there and once the process starts you never know.”

When asked about if Fields could file for a hardship waiver Wolken said “The NCAA has been quite lenient of recently with transfers, it doesn’t look good that players have to sit out when coaches have to sit out, they’re new rules and they’re pretty vague for Justin Fields it was a highly reported incident and I do think it is an argument that is plausible.”

 Dan told the guys that this is common when you’re recruiting at the highest level “The toughest thing is you have programs recruiting at the highest level like Georgia and they feel they have to recruit Quarterbacks in every class and that leads to transfers, but this was Jake Fromm’s team and there was no real chance for him to upstage Fromm, Justin Fields is not a zone read run the wildcat type of guy, he’s a great passer but the offense would look different with him in it and they didn’t have a great plan to utilize him.”