Durham: Falcons' focus is on Adrian Peterson

Dukes & Bell
October 31, 2018 - 6:25 pm

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Wes Durham joined Dukes & Bell Wednesday and talked about the concerns facing Washington's defense. 

“The thing that concerns you on Sunday is can you get the running game going against their defense," said Durham. "As much as you want to focus on shutting down Adrian Peterson you can’t be one dimensional.”

Durham talked about what the Falcons defense has to do on Sunday against the Redskins.

“You have to get better at taking the ball away," said the Falcons play-by-play voice. "You haven’t been able to generate very many, only getting around one a game. That’s one of the things to keep an eye on Sunday is can you force some turnovers, because that will help the defense get better, you also have to do a better job at getting to the QB, and they know they have to get better at that.”

When asked about the Washington defense...

“It’s going to be hard to run the ball against these guys," said Durham. "They’ve obviously helped themselves solidify things on the back end with the Clinton-Dix deal. But you have to find a way to run the ball against these guys.”