Conti: Atlanta's soccer culture charms visitors

Dukes & Bell
August 01, 2018 - 4:31 pm

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It was time for the Five Stripes preview with Mike Conti, “There is a disruption to routine, as the Atlanta United’s complex was taken over by the MLS all-stars, and the non all-stars are still practicing together. I don’t think it will bother them much because they will be at home for Saturday’s game.”

When asked about what the MLS all-star lineup could look like Conti told the guys, “It will be curious to see what lineup Tata goes with, will all the United players be out there at one time or will he split it up, it is a lot of fun to envision where Almiron could be playing with Carlos Vela. This is an all-star game and it’s supposed to be fun for the fans to watch, you want to give the fans a show and just as important don’t get hurt.”