Conti: Remedi, Villalba and Martinez must avoid yellow cards in Sunday's match

Dukes & Bell
November 07, 2018 - 5:14 pm

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It was time for the Five Stripes preview with Mike Conti and he talked about how Atlanta United might come out against NYCFC on Sunday.

“It’s interesting because there are a couple of different ways," said the Atlanta United play-by-play voice. "But I think they are going to just play their game which is the way they have played all year. But there is a thought that all you need is a draw and be very conservative and I don’t think they will do that, but the first goal on Sunday is going to be very vital.”

Conti talked about the strategy NYCFC might implore on Sunday.

“NYCFC is chasing goals right now, they need to go in here on Sunday and get multiple goals," said Conti. "They are going to be pushing the ball forward and they’re 4-9 on the road; they are not comfortable playing on the road and will have to send the ball forward on Sunday.”

When asked about the difference Eric Remedi has made against NYCFC...


“Remedi did pick a yellow card in New York City," said Conti. "A lot people don’t know that if you pick up a yellow card you automatically get suspended. Remedi, [Tito] Villalba and Josef Martinez all got yellow cards on Sunday and you do not want one of those guys missing a game if you make it to the conference finals, so they have to be careful, especially with a ref like Marc Geiger who isn’t afraid to give out yellow cards.”