Conti's Prediction: Red Bulls get 2 but United advances to Cup

John and Hugh
November 29, 2018 - 11:58 am

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Atlanta United will have a 3-0 advantage heading into leg two of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight in New York. 

But no matter how big their lead is over Red Bulls, Voice of Atlanta United, Mike Conti, remains cautious as the club looks to advance to the MLS Cup 

"Atlanta United is going to have to go out there and earn it tonight. There are going to be moments of nervousness tonight, I promise you that."

One factor that was unknown, until this morning--the day of the match, was the weather conditions. It's always tough to know exactly what to expect weather-wise in the month of November in New York.

With the weather conditions seemingly good to go, how does Conti predict this game will end?

"I hate to say it but I actually think Red Bulls might get two (goals), and it might be 2-0 at some point. I think Atlanta United sees it out it out. They might lose 2-1 tonight but obviously win on aggregate and move on to MLS Cup Final."