Voice of The Clemson Tigers Dan Munson: "Look for a QB Competition in 2018"

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
June 19, 2018 - 12:09 pm

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Voice of the Clemson Tiger Don Munson joined Rick and John. Don talks about Kelly Bryant, who will be under center for snap one and will be the starting QB for 2018 but expects there to be competition between the QB’s. Don told us that social media has a lot to do with certain players taking more blame then they probably should referencing Kelly Bryant. Don told us that DeShaun Watson needs a little O-Line help this season and If he gets that then he will have a special season with the Texans. Don told us Clemson doesn’t have one guy to give the ball to 20-30 times a game and so they will most likely use a RB by committee this season. Don thinks the Tigers will be better at WR this year and mentioned T Higgins as a guy to watch out for. Don told us Dabo didn’t have to tell his defensive players anything to stay at Clemson because none of them received a first round grade from the NFL and that’s why they stayed. Don praised Hunter Renfro and admitted he is probably the best WR on the team. Don told us depth at CB is a concern for the Tigers this season. Also a little more in their return game. Don will interested to see how the new rules play out for special teams this season. ​