Munson: 'People don't realize how deep Clemson's roster is'

Chris Goforth
October 20, 2018 - 10:12 am

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The Voice of the Clemson Tigers, Don Munson, joined CFB Gametime to preview today’s Clemson versus N.C. State game. Munson when asked about Clemson being more committed to the run, “I don’t know if commitment is the right word but I think you are seeing some young players come into their own. The guys up front are playing with more chemistry as well.”

Munson on Clemson starting to flex their muscles last week, “I keep saying this about Clemson but I don’t think people understand how deep Clemson’s roster is. They played 56 players last week.”

Munson on the vibe today in Clemson, “It definitely has that big game vibe that right now. You could feel it yesterday. It is homecoming week so you have some of that but for whatever reason N.C. State has always played Clemson tight.” Munson went on to say that N.C. State’s offense is more balanced and closer to Clemson’s style than people think. They have ran the ball more than people realize.

Munson on the Clemson secondary, “I think they have grown up. The young guys have gotten significant playing time recently and have really started to develop.”

Muson went on to talk about how Clemson stacks up against the other elite teams in the country and explained how difficult it is to go undefeated. He also discussed if Trevor Lawrence is ready for the big moment or not.