Durham: 'I think Austin Hooper learned a lot from last year'

Dukes & Bell
September 05, 2018 - 6:58 pm

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The Voice of the Falcons Wes Durham joins Dukes and Bell. Durham on tomorrow’s game, “Nothing worries me. Getting on the field tomorrow night is the most important thing. Every team is different than they were last year.”

Durham on the outlook on the team this year, “I think the Falcons got some really good answers on special teams.” “I’ve got some concerns. Can you protect Ryan, can you get the offense going again, can you convert in the Red Zone.”

Durham on Hooper, “I think Austin Hooper is a guy who learned a lot last year.” 

Durham on how the Falcons handle practice this off-season, “I don’t want to see this football team start to get banged up.”

Durham went on to say, “The Falcons have done everything they could possibly do to be successful for this season.” Durham went on to talk about what Philly is bringing to the table and what to expect tomorrow night.