Warrick Dunn to Devonta Freeman: Protect your body

Dukes & Bell
September 19, 2018 - 4:02 pm

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Warrick Dunn joined Dukes and Bell Wednesday and talked to the guys about the Atlanta Falcons' win against the Carolina Panthers.

“It’s one week, you have to be consistent," said Dunn. "I know they’re working hard on being good at both sides of the ball; it’s about being consistent. They were able to make plays last week not because of the play-calling but because guys were executing.”

Dunn told the guys about the advice he’s given Devonta Freeman.

“I talked to Free a little bit about protecting his body, so he can last in the league," said the former Falcons running back. "You can find to get a yard but does it make sense live to play another down. I played in a way where I could live for another yard, every yard counts, but you have to be smart when going for that yard.”

When asked about what’s wrong with his alma mater Florida State...

“It’s rough, I can’t say a lot of positive things," said Dunn. "We don’t look like anything close to the tradition we’ve built over the years; things are just not good. This is about to be the fourth team and we should know what type of team we have now. I believe we can move forward and things can get turned around.”