We were all wrong about Liberty Media

Thomas Mott
May 19, 2019 - 1:09 am

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When Spring Training ended for the Atlanta Braves, fans and media alike bemoaned over the lack of moves the team made. The Braves were supposed to make a splash in free agency over the offseason. Remember, they had 'financial flexibility'? 

Thomas Mott talks about the three things Braves fans complained about before the season began and why we were all wrong about Liberty Media.

1. We complained due to the Braves not signing any pitching. 

Of the 20 free agent relievers signed this offseason, more than half have ERAs over 5.00 Only three of those pitchers have ERAs under 3.00. If the Braves had signed a pitcher over the offseson they would likey of been a bust. The Braves were smart and saved money. 

2. McCann and Donaldson were not enough. 

Everyone wanted Bryce Harper. Yes, the same Bryce Harper who is hitting .222 with the Phillies. Brian McCann is 4th on the team in batting average. Josh Donaldosn, who has won an MVP with similar numbers to this year, has a better on base percentage than Acuna and Albies, and has the same slugging percentage as Acuna. Donaldson is pretty good and has been worth the money the team spent on him. 

3. Who are these young arms?  

Who was going to start and when was the question. Would any go to the bullpen? Mike Soroka has a 0.98 ERA while striking out 34 batters and only giving up four earned runs. Max Fried has a 2.86 ERA while striking out 46 batters. Sean Newcomb and Touki Toussaint has seemingly found a home in the bullpen. 

Oh and the Braves, as of today, are only 1.5 games back from the Phillies, who spent so much money this offseason. So, yes, we were wrong about Liberty Media. They knew what they were doing all along.