Durham on Ryan: 'he’s been sensational'

Dukes & Bell
October 17, 2018 - 5:58 pm

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Wes Durham joined Dukes & Bell and gave his take on the Julio Jones touchdown debate “I think he’s still one of the best receivers in the National Football league, the no touchdown thing is nice fodder, but he’s taking 2 guys with him virtually every time he lines up and Calvin Ridley was recipient of that now it’s Austin Hooper. The red zone stuff has been very productive, they’ve done a good job not only throwing the ball, but now running the ball and they’ve done a great job fixing that.”

 Durham talked about the play of Austin Hooper and Logan Paulsen “They went to a lot of 2 and 3 tight end packaging, first time we’ve seen and I expect a lot more of that because Coach Quinn thinks they can get a lot out of that. I feel like we’ve gotten a different Logan Paulsen here not only is he a good blocker but he’s been getting opportunities to catch as well. I did an event with Hoop and Matt, they talked about going to Pace early on and the field being in bad shape, Ryan said he thought he would quit because of that and when he didn’t Matt knew from that point on he was serious about getting better.”

 Durham talked to the guys about the Falcons run game and Matt Ryan’s play so far this season “We get caught up on numbers, but you just have to be able to run it enough, enough to make them account for it every snap, just find a way to make the defense honest. Because Ryan is in there, he’s playing at a highly incredible level, he’s been sensational and I’m excited to see him on Monday night because that win on Sunday was big for this team.”