What are Braves willing to give up to strengthen bullpen?

Dukes & Bell
June 18, 2019 - 5:25 pm

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With the Atlanta Braves winning 10 of their last 11 games, the one blemish on their record was due to a blown save by the bullpen and Dukes & Bell think it's something that the team has to address before the trade deadline passes.

The guys asked the tough question of Braves fans: What are you willing to give up to strengthen the bullpen?

Carl talked about the long-term plan affecting this season.

“I think there is a long-term plan," Dukes said. "Three of your studs are 22 and unde;, you’re going to win for a long time. So go make a move and give up a prospect that you might covet because you never know how long before you’re back in this position.”

Mike said you have to make a move.

 “You’re going to have to give something,” Bell said. “Braves fans think because we are in first by three games everything is OK. But you’re going to have to get a closer, and maybe another starter."