If You Trade Up, Better Be For a Game-Changer

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
April 25, 2019 - 9:19 am

Chris Trotman / Getty Images Sport


John Fricke and Hugh Douglas bring up the possibility of the Falcons trading up n the draft and what it would cost. Hugh discusses that possible move and what you need to gwet back if you pull the trigger.

"Thomas Dimitroff hit a home run when he moved up in the draft to get Julio Jones, and if you do that in this draft that's what you're comapring this move to. Is that a lot of pressure to put on Somebody? Yes it is. In my mind if you decide to move up to get Ed Oliver, in 5 years he is going to be compared to Julio Jones in the sense that he's a game-changer."

John Fricke agreed and explained why a guy picked that high can't be just a regular player.

"When we talk about impactful starters, no matter the position, if you trade up to 5 or 3, we're no longer talking about impactful starter, we're talking rookie of the year. 

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