What do the Braves do with Ender Inciarte?

Dukes & Bell
July 17, 2019 - 6:15 pm

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Braves Legend Dale Murphy joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Austin Riley’s slump, what makes Freddie Freeman special, and what to do with Ender Inciarte.

Murphy talked about what Austin Riley needs to do to turn things around.

 “A guy like him you don’t like to see the ratio.” Murphy said “Snit has moved him down a little bit, maybe take a little pressure off of him, but he’s still young enough to where these things will happen, it’s the difference between triple A and the majors. He goes the other way well and that’s what I think he needs to think about, being ready for those balls away from you and go the other way.”

Dale told the guys why he never worries about Freddie Freeman.

 “I think with a little experience he just rides out the 0 for 11’s and it’s no big deal.”’ Murphy said “He knows he’s fine, so it’s his mindset where there’s no panic, there’s never panic for Freddie and that’s the mindset of a veteran.”

When asked about Ender Inciarte’s future with the Braves.

 “That’s going to be a last minute deal.” Murphy said “I don’t want to see Ender go, but I think at the deadline he may go, I have no problem at all keeping Ender Inciarte because depth is good on the team, and defense will be key. If I’m another team and you’re talking prospects to me I’m going to ask for a guy who can play right now.”