Braves should send Riley back to minors

FOX Sports Braves host Jerome Jurenovich shares his opinion...

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 30, 2019 - 9:29 am

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With Austin Riley in the midst of a huge slump and the Atlanta Braves stuck in competition with the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals for the NL East crown, some discussion has started about whether or not you can keep plugging Riley into the lineup.

FOX Sports Braves Host Jerome Jurenovich was asked that question when he joined John and Hugh and provided a strong response.

"They need to send him down, they need to give him four at-bats every day, and they need to get him in an environment where the pressure is off him. He needs to learn how to hit that outside slider," Jurenovich said. "This is exactly what happened to Dansby Swanson a year ago. He's not going after fastballs, he's sitting on the offspeed pitches and when he does sees a fastball, the balls are getting by him.

"You can't do it now in the middle of a pennant race, you can't run him out there four times a day for the next two weeks hoping he gets it because he may not. Send him down for a week or two and if he fails down there it's fine; learn down there. It happens to every young player, unfortunately it's while Markakis is out."