What GT fans should expect in Year 1 under Collins

Dukes & Bell
August 27, 2019 - 2:51 pm

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Roddy Jones of the ACC Network joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Georgia Tech’s outlook this, season and is Clemson head and shoulders above the rest of the country?

Roddy said he thinks Tech can compete but fans need to be patient this season.

 “You’re going to have to be patient.” Jones said “We’ve gotten a kick out of the above the line depth chart, it’s something he’s done at his time in Temple, after the first game they do bold the starters on the chart. This year you expect the team to compete, and whatever happens against Clemson won’t define the season, I look at week 2 against South Florida and week 4 against Temple, if you can win those games this team may be able to compete in the ACC. Over time you have to give it time, for him to be able to develop these players and grow depth on both sides of the ball.”

Jones said the offense is going to look more like others in college football.

 “I think everyone is going to be shocked at how normal it looks.” Jones said “You will see them in the shotgun, at Temple they liked to run 11 personal, and they like to move the tight end around, you may even seen him in the backfield next to the quarterback.”

When asked about Clemson being the class of the ACC.

 “Clemson is the class of the ACC.” Jones said “I think we tend to look at Clemson and think the rest of the ACC must be down because Clemson runs through them, but 44-16 (Alabama) means they are the class of the country. Alabama is the class of the SEC, sorry UGA fans but you haven’t been able to beat them, but they ran through them, so yeah Clemson is the class of the ACC but that’s not much different from the rest of the country.”