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What will Braves do with Nick Markakis injured

July 27, 2019 - 8:10 am

In the Braves opening series win versus the Phillies on Friday night, Nick Markakis gets hit on the wrist and was in a splint after the game. Markakis will have an MRI done today and will be re-evaluated. Although, the injury does seem eerily similar to the wrist injury Freddie Freeman had not too long ago. Early prognosis is Markakis will be out at least 6-7 weeks. 

Where do the Braves go from here after loosing arguably their third best player? Who replaces Markakis? Does Snitker give Matt Joyce a shot at right field, or does Acuna slide over and Austin Riley return to left field? How does this affect the Braves right before the trade deadline? Does the team try and make a move for an outfielder?

Cory McCartney from Fox Sports South and co-host of Chopcast Live joins Sam and Greg to talk about the Markakis situation and other trade deadline possibilities.