What's wrong with Mike Foltynewicz?

Dukes & Bell
May 16, 2019 - 6:24 pm

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929 The Game Atlanta Braves insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Austin Riley’s debut, Luke Jackson and what’s wrong with Mike Foltynewicz?

Joe told the guys he thinks Riley is here to stay.

 “I would say he stays.” Patrick said “You don’t bring up a guy like Austin Riley if you can’t get him playing time, plus you start his service time, now that his clock has started you’re going to want to maximize that time.”

When asked how this might affect Johan Camargo.

 “It’s something we really don’t know yet.” Patrick said “It will be interesting to see what the ramifications of Austin Riley being here on Johan Camargo, it will affect him just how much is the question.”

Joe said no one knows what’s wrong with Mike Foltynewicz

 “He doesn’t know why his velocity has dropped.” Patrick said “He told us the other night when he’s throwing 92 he can’t get away with not locating, but it’s not good that he doesn’t know why it’s dropped. Guys that don’t have guaranteed contracts don’t want to admit when they are injured because it can hurt them when they’re negotiating in arbitration, right now Folty only has to be that third starter”

Patrick talked about how relaxed Luke Jackson is.

 “He’s a cool customer.” Patrick said “The guy is so relaxed, he’s making jokes after the games, coming up with nicknames for other players, and he’s been one of the best relievers in baseball since he gave up that grand slam on opening day and he’s been more than anyone could have expected at this point.”