Who is to blame for Durant's injury?

Dukes & Bell
June 11, 2019 - 3:26 pm

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Dr. Dale Yake of PT Solutions joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Kevin Durant’s injury last night, who made the decision to clear him and who is to blame?

Dr. Yake talked about the injury to Durant.

 “He tore the two muscles that come together on the back of your leg.” Dr. Yake said “It takes a lot of force to rupture it, he tore the fibers that connect the muscle to the back of the heel.”

Dale told the guys it was likely Durant’s decision to play.

 “What put us in a gray area was that he missed nine games already, it’s been over a month which tells us some fibers were already torn we suspect.” Dr. Yake said “The head of sports medicine there is a friend of mine, he makes good decisions, so it came down to

Durant himself on the decision. I would have advised him not to play, I’m sure they made a qualified decision on whether he could go or not.”

When asked how long the injury could keep Durant out.

 “To come back and play is a year.” Dr. Yake said “To come back and play and be Kevin Durant is a year and a half, to be his best to have the burst he typically has will be longer, and contract wise that could cost a team $60 million to get him healthy.”

Dr. Yake talked about who is to blame here.

 “I don’t think you can blame anyone here.” Dr. Yake said “Kevin Durant has to look himself in the mirror here and say either I can play or not, he made the final decision to play.”