Who do you want Braves to face in NLDS: Dodgers or Rockies?

Wendy Adams
September 24, 2018 - 12:57 pm

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Choptober initiated. The Atlanta Braves are NL East Champions!

It was a clean sweep against the Phillies over the weekend as the Braves played their last REGULAR season series at home.

Now, the focus turns to the National League Division Series which will likely be against the L.A. Dodgers or Colorado Rockies who are battling for the NL West. Of course, there's a potential the Braves could also see the Cubs if they somehow slip and don't end up with the best record in the NL. 

Which team would you rather see?

"I don't know how anybody else feels but I want them to play the Dodgers," John Fricke of The Morning Show said. "I'll take my chances against the Dodgers. It just feels like a better matchup to me for some reason. I don't know why."

While Fricke isn't sure this matchup would be the easiest but with no one expecting the Braves to make it this far, they may have something to prove against a team like the Dodgers.

"Nobody expects you to do 'this.' So now you're playing the Dodgers, now nobody expects you to do 'this;' let's go beat the Dodgers.