Who is favorite to win Falcons kick-returner job?

Dukes & Bell
August 23, 2019 - 6:48 pm

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Dave Archer joined Dukes & Bell and talked about last night’s preseason game, what he saw from the offensive line, and what’s going on with kicking game?

Archer talked about what he saw from Falcons in the fourth preseason game.

“It was a mixed bag.” Archer said “What tends to happen in these games is we watch the whole game and try to make an analysis of the whole team based off that. I thought there was some pretty good offensive line play in the first half, I thought Jake Matthews and James Carpenter came off the line and got some really good push, they were getting such good push you’re playing on the other teams line of scrimmage. I thought Matt Gono did some good things, he had a couple of plays where Montez Sweat got the better of him, he’s a little green but he had some really good moments which was encouraging.”

When asked who is the leader for the kick return job.

 “Kenjon Barner is probably the guy.” Archer said “You have to catch the ball, we can’t drop the football on the ground where the other teams gets a short field and you’re talking the ball out of Matt Ryan’s hands. Zaccheus did not return kicks at Virginia so it’s a new thing for him, I was really disappointed in Marcus Green last night, I thought he would be a playmaker coming into camp.”

Dave talked about the struggles of Giorgio Tavecchio. 

“It’s probably something that’s heavy on the mind of Coach Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff.” Archer said “His kicks have been of the long variety, we are so accustomed to Matt Bryant making everything we forget those are long kicks. But when you go for it on fourth down those are kicks you have to knock down, so now what do you do? Do you go get Matt Bryant, he comes at a premium but when you start talking about the difference between 8-8 and 10-6 that could be a missed kick or two.”