Who is the one player the Falcons offense can't lose?

Dukes & Bell
July 02, 2019 - 5:54 pm

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A list recently came out breaking down the most indispensable offensive players in the NFL that didn’t play quarterback and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones was number five on the list. The guys talked about if there is another player the Falcons can’t do without.

 Carl Dukes talked about why Jones is on the list. “Quenton Nelson is on the list, you rarely see lineman on the list but it shows you how he is viewed around the league.” Dukes said. “Minnesota is working right now on a plan to stop Julio Jones, he’s the one guy on the offense you have to game plan for.”

Bryant McFadden made a case for another Falcons player that could be indispensable to the team.

 “I believe Julio is the guy, because he makes so many players around him better.” McFadden said. “But if I had to make the argument for another non-quarterback player it would be Devonta Freeman, here’s why as far as the depth they have at receiver I go with Devonta because you use the run to set up the pass, elite offenses run the ball as well as pass the ball. Not to mention what he brings to the passing game with his pass catching ability, he’s not a liability in pass protection.

Who is the one player Falcons offense can't lose?