Who replaces Holloman's production for UGA?

Dukes & Bell
June 24, 2019 - 4:59 pm

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Beat Writer for the Georgia Bulldogs, Seth Emerson, joined Dukes & Bell Monday to talk about the dismissal of receiver Jeremiah Holloman.

Emerson talked about the situation that led to Holloman’s dismissal.

“This is not something that’s been happening a while,” Emerson said. “This came out of the blue. This young woman alleged this incident on June 2, but said it had happened last April. Why she waited that long we don’t know. All we do know as the investigation went forward she decided not to press charges. The one witness was Holloman’s brother and he didn’t cooperate, so the case didn’t move forward. But Georgia felt there was enough there to dismiss him from the team. Someone who was going to be important on the field and off the field with the media and a face of the team.”

When asked who can replace Holloman as Jake Fromm’s go-to guy this season.

“There’s players there. Holloman was going to be the one known commodity," Emerson said. "One Fromm could know he had gone to in the past, a good known run-blocker, a leader in the meeting room, and who would probably be the leader in catches at the end of the year. They need Demetris Robertson to be as good as he was at Cal. They need some freshmen to play right away. They’ve got options, but you can’t say who will actually be the guy to step in for Holloman.”