A.J. Terrell Was the Guy for Falcons All Along

Why the Hometown Prospect was going to be the pick from the Beginning

Will Palaszczuk
April 24, 2020 - 4:35 am

After months of waiting, weeks of mock drafts, days of waiting, and hours of stress the NFL Draft is finally underway and there are 32 new players in the National Football League. The talk leading up to the Falcons pick centered around the desire to draft Javon Kinlaw, a defensive tackle out of South Carolina. There were even rumors the team might even trade up to get Kinlaw.

However, per Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff & Head Coach Dan Quinn, they always had their eyes set on cornerback. C.J. Henderson, a defensive back out of Florida, came off the board at #9 overall to Jacksonville, which meant the Falcons' braintrust centered their efforts behind Terrell, as Jarvis Davis and Will Palaszczuk discussed on the post-NFL Draft show.

A.J. Terrell, who played his High School football at nearby Westlake High School, told reporters late Thursday he “always thought about playing for the Falcons” as an Atlanta native. Will and Jarvis broke down why Terrell was the guy at sixteen for the Falcons saying it “made sense because the Falcons needed to address the corner position and Terrell is a guy who can either play on the outside or in the slot.” Will, Jarvis, & the Falcons know they also need to get a guy who can help Grady Jarrett on the defensive line, but they also realize that this draft is pretty deep when it comes to defensive tackles. General Manager Thomas Dimitroff told the media in a conference call after the draft that they plan to “fortify both sides of the line in later rounds.”

After signing Dante Fowler Jr. in the offseason, the Falcons used their first-round pick to address what arguably was their biggest need.

In doing so, they got what some people say is the second-best corner in the draft, and it's easy to cheer for a guy playing for his hometown team.

The 2020 NFL Draft continues tonight on ESPN and ABC at 7 pm Eastern Time, and the Falcons’ first pick will be #47 overall, the 15th pick in the second round, along with #78 overall in the third round.